Avid Hikers Love These 6 American Cities

If you think you can’t find a challenging hike in a big city, think again! These 6 cities are proof positive that you can find beautiful nature within city limits—as long as you know where to look! We’ve included the must-see hiking spots in each of these cities below—from the wooded areas of Portland to the desert of Las Vegas.

Must-See Hiking Spot: Camelback Mountain

Travelers Say: “Decided to hike while we did a college visit at ASU. Hike was a bit harder than we expected but totally worth it. Beautiful views and fun climbing the rocks.” — Traveler Review from Stacey C

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Must-See Hiking Spot: Forest Park

Travelers Say: “Such a treat to have such a nice hiking spot so close to the city. Enjoyed a short hike to the Stone Cabin.” — Traveler Review from jhansel

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Must-See Hiking Spot: Craggy Gardens

Travelers Say: “I really liked being able to visit Craggy Gardens off of the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. This entire area is beautiful and scenic and a great area to hike a short trail and take in all of the spectacular views. I enjoyed my visit here and it was a simple and convenient to get to and get in an out of with plenty of parking and easy access. The park was very clean and well maintained and very accessible. There was a nice restroom and information center that was very good too, Craggy Gardens is well worth a quick stop and provides a memorable and fantastic experience.” — Traveler Review from Evan Guthrie

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Must-See Hiking Spot: Big Cottonwood Canyon

Travelers Say: “Big Cottonwood is beautiful and easily accessible year-round. We love to hike around Silver Lake and often see wildlife including moose. Close drive from Salt Lake City. Great Skiing options.” — Traveler Review from Stephanie N

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Must-See Hiking Spot: Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Travelers Say: “This is just outside the madness of Vegas and a totally different world. The rock formations and the scenery are fabulous and there is a great sense of peace and quiet, apart from the odd Harley that is. Amazing that something so lovely is only a few minutes from the strip. If you have few hours free from gambling and like the outdoors do go.” — Traveler Review from Alfred S

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Must-See Hiking Spot: Runyon Canyon Park

Travelers Say: “This is a beautiful park with great trails for all levels. You can do a quiet stroll or get a real workout on the steep paths. The views are amazing and well worth the trip up into the hills.” — Traveler Review from gr8fish2017

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